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Have you decided to try your luck at gardening, but believe you need a Bachelor of Horticulture Science degree, acres of tilled land, or heavy agricultural machinery to be successful? Welcome to the world of the small garden. Step outside your residence for a moment and take a look around…a portion of your yard space is now reserved for some good, homegrown eating!

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Go Ahead…Dig In!

Gardening is defined as the laying out and care of a plot of ground devoted partially or wholly to the growing of plants such as flowers, herbs, or vegetables. It’s also a parallel universe, an alternate reality of sorts, where:

  • Pollinators and predators are considered man’s best friend
  • Compost tea is preferred over the green and sweet varieties
  • The hottest hand-held devices are shears, shovels, and scoops
  • Sprouting seedlings suddenly become your adopted children

This blog, SmallGardenGuide, was created to document my own gardening experiences(good and bad). It also serves to help other beginner and potential gardeners achieve a bountiful garden. To accomplish this, we divided a typical gardening season into 3 phases, each covering a variety of issues you’ll likely encounter during the following stages:

Sowing Category
Prep and planning, seed starting, transplanting, layout, and more!
Maintenance Category
Pest control, watering, irrigation, fertilizing, and more!
Reaping Category
Harvesting, seed saving, preserving, recipes, and more!

Combined with additional general gardening news, reviews, and more, we hope this site will be a fun and valuable resource for all your small garden endeavors. Take a look around. Browse the small garden categories above or check out some of the latest posts below. Lets grow together!

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